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Magnus Brandt is a 24-year-old musician based between London and Bristol. Inspired by trip-hop and hip-hop artists like Massive Attack and J Dilla as a kid, Magnus has been pursuing a career in music since 2015. His sound has a distinct atmosphere that embodies what it means to be a young adult that was raised by the internet, and it is deeply therapeutic as it aims to identify and express personal issues within. Being mostly self-produced, Magnus still shares a similar ethos among many SoundCloud producers such as glxy, outby16, and juku. He has performed around Europe and the UK, as well as in Philadelphia alongside Caspr, Rip Eternal, and BBY Goyard.

Magnus is currently focusing on widening his inspirational references leaning towards band driven, techno, and ambient projects. He’s just released his EP Stranger, encapsulating his changing feelings for music.


experimental hip-hop

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