Since pposture began producing in 2017 and started adding vocals in the summer of 2019, he’s been verified on Soundcloud and has amassed over a million total plays. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, the 21-year-old chose to produce under the name pposture, a shortened version of “poor posture”. Inspired by artists like Gus Dapperton, The Smiths, Yung Lean, Joe Hisaishi, and Convolk, pposture is influenced by diversity.

His range encompasses genres from indie pop to digicore to experimental to post modern classical through his side project “for him”. Being in collectives slowsilver03 and Sewerbratz, pposture has collaborated with Glaive, Kurtains, Wido, Rosesleeves, Noahh, Angelus, and more. He is currently working on upcoming releases.


digicore, indie, experimental, post modern classical

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