Rosesleeves is a 20-year-old multi-disciplinary musician based in London. Structured by pop influenced shapes and nuances, their discography is an experience for listeners to get lost in.

They emerged as an experimental pop artist and producer, pushing the boundaries between indie, alternative, EDM, and pop with their debut album, '9920DEADLINE’. This self-produced project delves into internal processing, featuring tracks brimming with emotion and unexpected twists. The album, accompanied by self-shot and edited visuals, holds profound personal significance.

Continuing the journey with sophomore album 'Pixie,’ Rosesleeves demonstrates their growth in musical and aesthetic experimentation. Live studio sessions were incorporated for the project, showcasing Rosesleeves' artistic maturation. ‘Pixie’ seamlessly continues the sonic and lyrical motifs found in previous projects, constructing a world uniquely their own.

As an incessant producer, one project doesn’t satiate Rosesleeves’ creative spirit. Under the alias 'FINCHES,' Rosesleeves channels influences from artists such as Arca, Kavari, Blood of Aza, and the London rave scene. This production-focused venture takes on a darker tone, further showcasing the diverse artistic spectrum of Rosesleeves.

Rosesleeves has performed on stages around the UK and Australia, with plans for more following a new repertoire in 2024.


alternative pop, electronic, singer-songwriter

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